Deliver up-to-date trial coverage from the courtroom with CoveritLive

July 11, 2013
Recent months have seen many high-profile criminal trials take center stage atop news headlines around the world, and CoveritLive has proven to be the preferred means for consuming live up-to-the-minute news reports from the courtroom. CiL has been utilized both as a complimentary second screen experience to televised trials, but also as the main source of live content in trials that prohibited cameras during the proceedings.

George Zimmerman’s murder trial in Sanford, Fla. and Whitey Bulger’s racketeering trial in Boston, Mass. are two high profile court cases currently taking place that are using CoveritLive to inform the masses. In the last year, many others have sought information from CiL events during the trials of Jodi Arias, Michigan politician Kwame Kilpatrick, Norwegian bomber Anders Behring Breivik and former Norwegian politician Rune Øygard.

Large news organizations across the world, like Yahoo News and TV 2 Norway rely on CiL to provide real-time trial coverage, while regional and local news agencies such as the Boston Herald, the Arizona Republic, My FOX Detroit and multiple local TV affiliates in central Florida deploy CiL as well to deliver fast and accurate live information.

CoveritLive’s robust comment moderation capabilities allow media to conduct interactive live events that deliver a curated content experience for participants. The event’s Producers and Panelists can use EventStudio to filter through all of the noise, publish relevant comments or questions and effectively communicate with other members of their news team as the event unfolds.

Additionally, Producers can add context and content to their event courtesy of CoveritLive’s Twitter filtering capabilities. Tweets from specific usernames or hashtags can be pulled into the event automatically from trusted sources, through moderation in the SmartStream or by searching Twitter within EventStudio and publishing Tweets found in search.

Event Producers can further illustrate the atmosphere in and around the courtroom or courthouse by incorporating images into the live event. Images can be pulled into the live event in a variety of ways, including from the producer’s desktop, via the Media Library, through CoveritLive’s email commenting feature or from a mobile device.

The NewsFlash and Polls area located at the bottom of the Viewer Window is yet another area for the Producer to add engaging content to real-time trial coverage. If there are important links to articles or relevant documents, the NewsFlash is the idea place to display this persistent content, so that readers can easily locate this important information. Producers also have the ability to incorporate Polls that can rotate into this area along with the NewsFlash. Polls are an excellent way to take the pulse of your readers and gauge the overall sentiment about particular parts of a trial or specific testimonies.

All of CoveritLive’s  unique functionality make it ideal for news organizations wanting to effectively provide, accurate, up-to-date live blog coverage complete with a moderated conversation, social media, multimedia and interactive opportunities.  


Tweaks to Click Tracking Coming June 1st

May 21, 2013
Over the past few months, we have been analyzing how use of CoveritLive has evolved and how that relates to the data we record for engaged viewers or “clicks.” In the process, we uncovered cases where our method of tracking was understating the number of live engaged readers. To rectify this, we have tested some adjustments and decided to tweak the tracking and reporting of clicks in certain situations.

What’s the change?

On June 1st, we will update how we track and report clicks for Events and Tickers that do not include a Title Page. With the change, we will start counting a view as a click once the user has been on a page with CoveritLive viewing live updates for three (3) minutes or longer and has not already engaged with the Event or Ticker.

If you run your events with Title Pages, you will not see any difference. If you normally disable the Title Page, you will likely see an increase in the number clicks reported in the CiL Stats and Analytics starting in June. The reporting moving forward should provide you a more accurate representation of your audience allowing you to better represent the impact of your events to advertisers, sponsors and colleagues.

Why the change?

When there is not a Title Page, users can follow along, receiving live updates without ever interacting with the window and without actually registering a click. This means the total live clicks for Events and Tickers without a Title Page in CoveritLive Stats and Analytics is frequently lower than the number of users who were actually engaged with the live content.

Based on a test in April, our own historical event duration data and recently referenced studies by ChartBeat, three minutes is the average length a user spends reading long-form material and their likelihood of returning to your site doubles. After the change, users will still get live updates as soon as they encounter the page and if they click into the viewer window, they will immediately register a click but if they follow along without clicking, they will now register a click once they stay on the page for three (3) minutes or longer.

We believe this adjustment will more accurately reflect the live readers actually engaged with your events. It’s important to note that this change only impacts Events and Tickers without a Title Page so if you prefer to use the Title Page (either because it provide a great sponsorship opportunity or because you want to more explicitly track clicks), you can continue to do so and will see no change. Other forms of click tracking will remain consistent as well.

Why do we track clicks anyway?

CoveritLive bases usage tracking primarily on clicks – the number of users who engage with the live content – because we think it best represents the audience impact of your event. Not every page view that includes a CiL event represents someone actually following the event. And while the duration or number of minutes users are engaged with your event is very important for you and your opportunity to monetize the event, we don’t want to discourage you from running long, highly-engaging events. Clicks are a one-time recognition of engaged users limited to only those who interact with the window and/or are in the event for an extended period of time, working similarly to a performance ad unit.

A complete breakdown of how clicks are tracked is available in our Support Center and in the FAQs. We always welcome feedback so if you have questions about this change or anything else, please contact us at

More than 40 major sports and news sites utilize CoveritLive for NFL Draft

April 29, 2013
Thursday night marked the unofficial start to the 2013 NFL football season as teams began building for their future at the NFL Draft. Fans around the world turned their eyes to their televisions for draft coverage and utilized CoveritLive for a second screen experience provided by any one of more than 40 major sports and news web sites covering the draft.

The three days of the NFL draft saw almost 11 million Social TV viewers visit NFL Draft experiences that featured CoveritLive embeds, while more than one million viewers actively participated in CiL draft events. Viewers that participated in the draft’s top-five live events engaged with the event an average of 31 minutes per-visit.

There was plenty of drama and excitement around this year’s draft as many surprises, trades and other unknowns unfolded and CiL allowed viewers to engage in real-time chat as they watched. CoveritLive was deployed in a number of implementations, including live chats with experts, live blogs with columnists and streaming tickers of Twitter content.

During the three days of the draft, the NFL’s home page, along with 13 of its member team sites leveraged CoveritLive to allow fans an opportunity to discuss draft prospects, provide draft pick critiques and ask questions. Additionally, leaders in the sports and news world, such as Yahoo Sports, CBS Sports, FOX Sports,, TSN, and conducted events for both national and local audiences.

The next time you are covering a large sporting event or small company announcement, try out CoveritLive as you build your multi-platform Social TV or live blog strategy.

Check out some samples of NFL Draft implementations

CoveritLive Introduces the

New real-time management console enables world-class digital events

February 11, 2013
Toronto, ON - CoveritLive today announced the release of the EventStudio™, a new real-time event management console. The EventStudio is designed to provide a powerful and streamlined producer experience while making the resulting live event informative and entertaining for viewers.

The EventStudio is an optional alternative to the classic CoveritLive console. It provides event managers with additional Twitter automation and filtration capabilities, improved moderation features, new collaboration tools, and real-time data about the event and audience. Features like SmartStream allow producers to enrich their live event coverage with filtered content from commenters, social media and other external sources. The EventStudio also enables event curators to search and insert content from various social sources including Instagram, Wikipedia and YouTube. And it offers new Live Scoreboards with automated statistics and data for major U.S. and European sports.

“Real-time digital events such as live blogs, question and answer sessions, and social TV conversations increasingly draw content from the broader social web. This places more demands on event producers who must also moderate direct contributions and provide their own unique perspectives,” said Ben Schneider, General Manager of CoveritLive. “The CoveritLive EventStudio streamlines event production by combining powerful automation with robust moderation, filtration and search tools. It lets event owners continue to focus on their own content and audience, while enhancing their events with the best of the real-time web.”

The CoveritLive EventStudio delivers all the functionality journalists, agencies, brand marketers and live event producers expect plus an abundance of differentiated features, including:

  • Complete console re-design enables event managers to search, tag, toggle, drag and drop. The streamlined interface and simplified workflow of the EventStudio makes it simple to source content, add context and manage live events.
  • SmartStream equips producers to review and organize content from multiple sources before publishing. Moderated comments, tweets and tagged items automatically appear in the SmartStream, allowing quick collaboration, filtering, sorting and publication.
  • Social search empowers curators to search and infuse events with fresh social commentary from online sources that include Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, YouTube, RSS feeds and more.
  • Live Scoreboards make it easier than ever to offer up-to-the-minute coverage of popular college and professional leagues across the US and Europe including automated scores, news and stats.

The EventStudio is available and fully integrated into the latest release of CoveritLive. More details on the new EventStudio release can be found on our blog and at


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